Winter is Over: Get Your Home Ready for Warm Weather with This Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Winter is Over: Get Your Home Ready for Warm Weather with This Spring Cleaning Checklist

Winter is Over: Get Your Home Ready for Warm Weather with This Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you’re like so many others, you probably spent a great deal of time this past fall winterizing your home and preparing for the cold weather. The good news is that the cold and its potential complications are hopefully behind us. So now it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer spring and summer months.

Concrete and Driveway Repairs

The cold, snow, and ice may have caused damage to your walkways, patios, pool decks and driveway. Check to make sure there aren’t any raised cracks or potholes that could cause damage or injury. If you see damage to hardscapes, have them filled in or repaired as soon as possible, even if you have to temporarily fill them in with dirt to make the area safer until you can have them repaired with concrete or asphalt patches.

Survey Your Foundation

Make sure the ground around your foundation is even and sloping away from your home, specifically checking to be sure there are no low areas right next to the home where water might pool. You never want water to run toward the house instead of away from it. Fill in any low areas with extra dirt. You’ll not only protecting your foundation, but you will also prevent the formation of water pools where bugs like to breed. If you’ve had water or moisture in your basement or ice dam damage this winter, call a professional to remediate the problem.

Check Your Roof and Siding

Snow and ice can definitely damage your roof and siding. Now that things are clear, take a look around to make sure there is no visible damage, like missing shingles or lifted siding. If your home is made of brick, you’ll want to make sure there is no efflorescence (white powdery spots on the concrete). This is a sign that the home may have absorbed moisture and the spots may need to be resealed.

Repair the Gutters

Make sure your home’s gutters are clean and not in need of repair. The spring is, after all, often a rainy season. Clear out any debris, check the joints for leaks, and make sure the water is flowing through the gutters and downspouts properly and there are no clogs that could back water up.

Chimney Maintenance

Have a professional come out and survey your chimney. Have the flue cleaned and make sure the masonry is not damaged.

Outside Faucets

Make sure your outside faucets didn’t sustain any damage during the winter months. Turn the water back on to the outside spigots, reattach your lawn hoses and make sure the pipes are still working properly.

The spring and summer months can be a lot of fun, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you take the steps necessary to ensure your home is in good condition after a long, cold, snowy winter and you’ll be able to enjoy it for seasons to come.

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