‘Tis the season… make sure your holidays are safe

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November 30, 2015
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‘Tis the season… make sure your holidays are safe

We’ve all heard the horror stories of families failing to tie their newly purchased tree to the car tightly enough, resulting in a large tree falling unannounced into the middle of traffic. This is of course dangerous in all contexts, and could end up injuring not only you, but others on the road, as well as their cars.

Be sure to make sure your tree is fastened to your car properly to avoid any catastrophic accidents. Ask the tree lot proprietor for help. And make sure you bring the right equipment for attaching your tree securely to the roof of your car. When unloading the tree and bringing it inside, make sure you have enough hands to move it safely from the car to its place in your home. As the tree is heavy and unwieldy, it’s always good to have at least one friend or relative aiding you in getting your tree into your home and set up securely in its proper place. Too many accidents happen when trees are dropped. You don’t want to start off your holiday with broken bones or damaged walls.

Mind your candles

Candles are often a major part of one’s holiday celebration, but according to the National Fire Protection Association, 12 percent of home fires each year occur in December, which is a higher rate than any other month. More candles are lit during the holiday season than any other time of year.

Be sure to keep all candles on stable surfaces so they don’t tip over and start a house fire. Never leave burning candles unattended, and be sure to blow out all candles before leaving a room or going to sleep for the evening. And, of course, don’t leave candles anywhere near your Christmas tree or other decorations. Most house fires during the holidays begin with candles igniting a Christmas tree or garlands.

Make sure all children are supervised around burning candles. You don’t want to ruin your celebration with a fire or serious burns. If you’re going to have a lot of small children at your celebration, it might be best to use electric candles or glow sticks.

And speaking of child safety…

Pay special attention to your kids at your holiday gathering

Never leave small children unattended. Decorations, plants, and overloaded electric chords are hazardous to children who put things in their mouths and run around while playing. Not all homes and venues are child-proofed. Children love to receive toys during the holidays, but sometimes these toys can include small pieces that a child may choke on if left unsupervised. If a particular toy states “adult assembly required,” be sure the child doesn’t use it until it is completely put together.

We often engage in mass gatherings during the holidays, and these gatherings are part of what make the season so great. But getting together in such large groups can also make monitoring for all these safety hazards a little tricky. That’s why it’s vital to remember what to look for during your holiday celebration. After all, a safe get together is the best kind of get together.

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