The Importance of Having a Home Inventory

Home Inventory

If you were to sit down in your kitchen and make a list of all of the items in your family room, could you do it? It’s easy to remember the large items, like furniture, lamps or wall hangings, but the small items typically get overlooked. Things like the window treatments, area rugs or built-in shelving can be easily missed. Even things that we use each day can be forgotten. For example, you sleep on a mattress each night, but would you remember to list this as being a part of your bedroom?

You may be asking: why would I ever need to know what’s inside each of my rooms? Well, in the event of a fire, water damage or burglary, you would need to know exactly what was lost to make an insurance claim. This is where a home inventory comes into the picture. A home inventory is an important tool when determining the value of your belongings and your insurance needs. It acts as an up-to-date checklist so that you can assess what possessions may have been lost or damaged. With this information, you can help settle insurance claims quickly and efficiently.

Having photos or videos of your more expensive items is a smart idea since it can be difficult to get the full value for them if you don’t have proof of their worth. If you have an antique clock for example, snap a photo of it. This will go much farther than having “clock” written down.

To create a home inventory, you can start by keeping a running log on paper. However, there are more effective ways to keep a home inventory, and you’ll thank yourself once everything is neatly organized. Try a secure website like, or upload photos and videos to a cloud site like If you were ever faced with unfortunate circumstances, you would have a written/visual account of your items. You can also make your own spreadsheets and save them digitally so that you always have an accessible copy.

Also, be sure to update your home inventory over time. You don’t have to update it with each new change, but you should make the necessary amendments after a large purchase or at least one time each year. A home inventory is a simple, effortless way to keep track of your possessions and offer peace of mind that your valuables will be accounted for in an unfortunate circumstance.

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