Spring Cleanup – Don’t Forget Those Trees

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Spring Cleanup – Don’t Forget Those Trees

Spring Cleanup – Don’t Forget Those Trees

Spring is finally here, and you’ve probably already spent a little bit of time assessing the state of your yard. Everything looks a bit bare after the long winter, but this is really a great time to take a thorough look at your property for damage that needs to be repaired. While you’re looking at your house and yard, be sure to look up into the trees.

Check the Branches

Tree branches that have been damaged by cold, snow, and ice, not only look unsightly but can be vulnerable and ultimately cause damage to your home or property, especially if they break and come down during a storm. Trim dead branches back or, if they’re large, have a tree service come out to do the pruning work for you. The advantages to hiring a professional include not only a reduction in dead branches, but a more even pruning job that doesn’t leave your tree looking top or bottom heavy or make it appear to be leaning.

Pruning or trimming may also be necessary if any of the tree’s branches hang over the property line. If the branch were to fall and damage your neighbor’s property, you would be responsible for the damages. This is another area where a professional tree service or arborist can help.

Mulch and Fertilizer

Keeping your trees healthy not only keeps them beautiful above ground, but helps to keep the roots beneath the surface strong and healthy as well. Mulch is especially great for younger trees, but don’t overdo it. Start about 6 inches away from the base of the tree and don’t cover up the main roots you see on the ground, reaching out. Covering the exposed roots can cause rot and give infectious diseases a place to breed.

Most trees do not need fertilizer. The natural soil and organic mulch should offer enough nutrients. A lot of homeowners think trees need annual fertilizing, but you can actually poison the roots with too much. If in doubt, ask your arborist to test the soil and make the appropriate recommendations.

Hire a Professional

A professional tree company can help you to protect your home and your liability against damage to the property of your neighbors, especially during the tree care process, when things may fall haphazardly. Ask for written work proposals, including pricing and a clear outline of the work that will be done. You’ll be amazed at what a little bit of tree care can do for your property.


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