Prepare your home for severe spring and summer weather

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April 27, 2016
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Prepare your home for severe spring and summer weather

Spring and summer in Kentucky often brings severe weather that may result in property and financial losses for our residents.  High winds, tornadoes, hail storms, lightning, and torrential rains and flooding are the most common weather-related causes of property damage and homeowners insurance claims in Kentucky.  It’s important that you stay proactive to protect your property and prevent losses due to severe weather.

High Winds

Strong winds from thunderstorms and tornadoes may cause serious damage to your home and property.  Wind can be responsible for roof damage.  Severe winds can throw debris through windows and even uproot mature trees.  Most homeowners policies cover damage that is caused by wind, but there are things you can do to reduce your risks.  It’s always better to prevent damage than to repair it, if possible.

  • Prune trees, remove dead branches, and thin out the canopies
  • Inspect your roof when cleaning gutters and repair loose shingles
  • Store outdoor furniture, grills, and even yard games before a storm so that they don’t become damaging projectiles.

Water damage

Payment for water damage to your home may be limited.  Your homeowners policy is very specific as to what is and is not covered.  Water seeping up from the ground is usually not covered.  So, water seeping through basement walls and your foundation, as well as sewer and drain backup would not be a covered loss.  Flooding is never covered under your homeowners insurance policy.  To reduce your risk and loss:

  • Install a sump pump and make sure it is operating properly.
  • If you are in a flood zone or prone to constant flooding, consider buying National Flood Insurance.
  • Add a sewer and drain backup endorsement to your homeowners policy.
  • Store property in well-sealed plastic containers. These, as well as furniture should be stored off the floor.
  • If your basement floods, pull up wet carpeting immediately to prevent mold damage to your home. Mold begins growing immediately and can completely ruin a home in a matter of days.


Strikes from lightning can, of course, cause fire.  But, in addition to fire, lightning may cause electrical surges that can damage and/or ruin electronic equipment, such as computers, printers, cable and satellite.  Typical surge protectors are ineffective, as the electrical energy from a lightning strike is too powerful.  If possible, the best thing to do is disconnect electronic equipment before the storm occurs.  To ensure that you don’t lose data, including, photos, music, financial information, and other personal data and accounts consider:

  • Using an online data back-up service to protect your data.
  • Keep electronics unplugged when not in use.
  • Disconnect your electronics from the power source when you are not home or on vacation.


Hail causes billions of dollars of damage each year, damaging your home and vehicles.  There is really nothing you can do to prepare or protect your home for a hail storm, but you can protect your cars from hail damage.

  • Make sure and always garage your car during the spring and summer when hail storms occur.
  • If you don’t have a garage, or are away from home during a hail storm, try and park your car under or near some kind of coverage, like trees.

Contact Erie Insurance team member, Foundation Insurance Group, located in St Matthews, Kentucky and serving the greater Louisville metro area to discuss your homeowners and auto insurance.  We are always happy to review your current policy and make suggestions to mitigate risk and limit your exposures.  Severe weather can occur quickly.  Don’t take a chance.  Protect your home, cars, and everyone you love.

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