Insurance for your Valuables

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October 21, 2011
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December 14, 2011
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Insurance for your Valuables

Insurance for your Valuables – Jewelry, Art, Coins and collectibles with a Personal Inland Marine Policy from Erie Insurance.

As the holidays approach this is a good time to be thankful for many things. It is also a time to make sure the possessions you love the most are properly covered by your insurance.
Have you ever looked down and seen that your engagement ring has slipped off your finger and thought mmm…do I have insurance for my jewelry?
Or ever lost the stone from your grandmother’s sapphire necklace?
Are you assuming that special piece of art you just purchased is properly covered under your homeowners insurance?
How about insurance for your coin collection?

Your Erie homeowner’s policy written through Foundation Insurance Group provides some coverage for these items, however there are limits on certain types of personal property. Therefore, you may not be adequately covered. In addition, the primary purpose for the homeowner’s policy is to protect your home against a catastrophic loss. Filing smaller claims could jeopardize your insurability in the long term.

What do you do? A Personal Inland Marine policy is the answer. This Erie policy is a place where those extra special items can be fully protected without jeopardizing your homeowner’s coverage. Give Foundation Insurance Group, your local agent in the Metro DC area,
a call today to discuss insuring those special items.

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