Having a New Year’s Eve Party: What are the Risks?

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Having a New Year’s Eve Party: What are the Risks?

Having a New Year’s Eve Party: What are the Risks?

New Year’s Eve brings with it parties, resolutions, and anticipation of all of the good things we wish the New Year to bring. If you’re hosting a party, though, the evening comes with a significant amount of risk you may not even realize you’re exposing yourself to.

Firecrackers and Fireworks

Unless your town is setting off a formal fireworks display, you should not allow the guests at your party to set off any type of firecracker or firework on your property to welcome the new year. This is illegal in most areas and generally dangerous, especially when used by those who have been consuming alcohol. Firecrackers and fireworks can easily start a fire, igniting light dead leaves, trees and shrubs, and homes, and should be avoided. They can also cause serious injury to those setting them off, including serious burns and blindness.

Alcohol Consumption

You want your friends and family to enjoy the party, but it’s important to be responsible and to help your guests be responsible too. If you’re having a family-friendly event with children, you might ask your guests to keep the party alcohol-free, or maybe only serve champagne to the adults at midnight.

It’s a good idea to encourage and designated drivers and in the case of larger parties and it might be prudent to cut off certain guests if their drink count gets high since they are being served in your home and there is potential liability in the case of an accident.

Guarding Your Guest’s Belongings

Have a safe place to keep coats, purses, and bags and make sure that you, the host or hostess, are the only one who has access to that closet or room. This is especially important if you are having a larger party with people you might not know, who were indirectly invited and are guests of guests. It’s important to ensure that no one’s bags, coats, or other belongings disappear.

General Food Safety

As with any party, keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, and keep them separate. Hot foods on burners need to be placed out of reach of small children. Cold foods, sitting out for extended periods of time, need to be kept on ice.

The New Year’s Eve party is almost never the problem. The choices people make when leaving those parties usually are. Do your best to guide your guests in the right direction and enjoy your celebration!

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