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October 10, 2016
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Hallween Safety Quiz

It’s October 31 and the kids have been waiting for this day all month.  They’ve picked out their costumes and made trick or treating plans with friends.  It’s an evening of fun and excitement for all your young ghosts and goblins.  But it’s also a time to be careful.  We want your kids to have a “happy Halloween!”

Take our quiz and make sure you and your children have a safe and uneventful holiday.  Answer key is at the end of the blog.

  1. As a homeowner, you should prepare for Halloween and trick or treaters by
  1. ____ Putting candles along your driveway and walkway
  2. ____ Turning off all your outside lights to create a scary mood
  3. ____ Cleaning the yard of branches and putting away hoses and gardening tools
  4. ____ Making sure the Halloween bowl is filled with homemade treats
  1. When creating your child’s costume, which of the following is a great idea
  1. ____ Use light and bright colored materials and reflective tape
  2. ____ Wear a full face mask whenever possible to hide your identity
  3. ____ Wear eye patches, wigs and big floppy hats
  4. ____ Carry toy guns, swords, light sabers and other fun accessories
  1. It’s okay for children to eat candy they collect while they’re still out trick or treating
  1. ____ True
  2. ____ False
  1. When trick or treating, always carry
  1. ____ Treat bag with handles
  2. ____ Cell Phone
  3. ____ Flashlight
  4. ____ All of the above
  1. If invited, it’s okay to go inside someone’s house to get your treat
  1. ____ Yes
  2. ____ Maybe
  3. ____ Never
  4. ____ It depends
  1. When driving during trick or treating time on Halloween, you should
  1. ____ Honk at trick or treaters who are in your way
  2. ____ Drive slowly and stay alert as kids are often running and excited
  3. ____ Drive fast to avoid trick or treaters
  4. ____ Leave your headlights off to keep the scary mood
  1. Which are the most common Halloween injuries
  1. ____ Eye injuries
  2. ____ Pedestrian injuries
  3. ____ Burns
  4. ____ All of the above
  1. When traveling between houses on Halloween, trick or treaters should
  1. ____ Run! You want to get as much candy as possible
  2. ____ Walk down one side of the street at a time Stay out of the road as much as possible
  3. ____ Follow everyone else. They probably know where the good candy is
  4. ____ Don’t use sidewalks and walkways. Just run across the yards
  1. It’s okay to trick or treat in unfamiliar neighborhoods
  1. ____ True
  2. ____ False
  1. When trick or treating
  1. ____ An adult should always accompany trick or treaters
  2. ____ A parent should walk up to door with very young children
  3. ____ You should walk on sidewalks and cross streets at corners or intersections
  4. ____ All of the above

The agents at Foundation Insurance Group wish all our clients and their children a very happy and safe Halloween!

Answer key:  1C, 2A, 3B, 4D, 5C, 6B, 7D, 8B, 9B, 10D

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