June 6, 2014

How are Valuable Items Like Jewelry, Coin Collections, and Furs Insured Under my Homeowners Policy?

How are valuable items like jewelry, coin collections, and furs insured under my homeowners policy? A typical homeowners policy provides coverage for the contents of your … Continue reading
May 30, 2014

What is the Difference Between Collision and Comprehensive Coverage? Do I Need To Have Both?

What is the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage? Do I need to have both? Most states only require you to purchase liability coverage in order … Continue reading
May 22, 2014

Does My Insurance Policy Cover A Friend if I Loan Him/Her My Car?

Does my insurance policy cover a friend if I loan him/her my car? A standard auto insurance policy includes liability coverage to protect others against damage … Continue reading
May 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Spring Cleaning: Get Your Home Ready for Summer Spring cleaning… We all talk about it and we all hate it, but it needs to be done. … Continue reading