Are you a good driver in winter weather? Take our winter safety driving quiz and find out!

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January 24, 2017
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Are you a good driver in winter weather? Take our winter safety driving quiz and find out!

We all think we’re good drivers, that we know the rules of the road.  You may be a new driver or you may have had your license for many years, but you might be surprised to learn that your driving habits during winter weather may be unsafe.  Snow, sleet, slush, and ice bring with it special driving challenges.  So take this short, simple quiz and find out if you’re a safe driver or if you need a refresher course this winter.

Answers are found at the bottom of the quiz.

1. What do you need to consider before you go out and drive in winter weather?

a) Delay the trip if the weather is bad
b) Leave extra time so you don’t have to rush
c) Check road conditions and weather forecasts
d) All of the above

2. What should you do if you start skidding on ice?

a) Accelerate
b) Pump your brakes
c) Take your foot off the accelerator and the brake and turn your wheels in the direction of the skid
d) Let go of the steering wheel

3. In winter weather, what is the safe following distance?

a) 3-4 seconds
b) 8-10 seconds
c) At least 15 seconds
d) 2 seconds if you have anti-lock brakes

4. What is the best way to clear your windshield?

a) Pour hot water onto your front and rear glass
b) Turn on the front and rear defrosters and use a plastic ice scraper to remove the snow and ice
c) Turn on your windshield wipers
d) All of the above

5. At what speed should you travel during winter weather?

a) Drop your speed to match the road conditions
b) Drive at the posted speed limit
c) Don’t worry about your speed, just keep up with traffic

6. What is the best placement for snow tires on your car?

a) Front only
b) Back only
c) All four tires
d) One on the front and one on the back

7. Which of the following winter weather driving statements is false?

a) Brush snow off your headlights and taillights before you begin to drive
b) Make sure your gas tank is at least half full at all times
c) Clean windshields completely before driving
d) Use cruise control to keep your speed constant on slippery roads

8. When you get stuck on hard packed snow or ice which of the following should you not do?

a) Press down hard on the gas pedal to “pop” your car forward
b) Spread sand or kitty litter under the tires
c) Gently rock the car back and forth by shifting from forward to reverse using the brakes to hold the vehicle between shifts
d) Apply gentle and even pressure on the gas keeping your wheels straight

9. If your car is covered with snow, before getting on the road you should:

a) Clean/defrost your windshield completely
b) Clean snow off your roof, hood, and trunk
c) Clean the snow off your headlights and tail lights
d) All of the above

Check your answers at the bottom of the page.  So how did you do?  Good winter driving habits keep everyone on the road safer and may lower your insurance premiums.  Contact Foundation Insurance Group to schedule an auto insurance review.  Our agents are always happy to review your current policy, answer any questions you may have, make sure you get the proper amount of coverage to protect you, your passengers, and others on the road, as well as every discount you’re entitled to, so that nothing is left to chance.

Answer key:  1d, 2c, 3b, 4b, 5a, 6c, 7d, 8a, 9d

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